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DASAEF Receives Glenn and Ruth Mengle Grant

Pictured above is Mr. Matt Cherubini, Elementary Art Teacher using the Promethean Board to enhance an Art lesson at Wasson Elementary.

This year the DuBois Area School’s Alumni and Educational Foundation (DASAEF) received the Glenn and Ruth Mengle Grant! The $25,988.00 grant will be used to help DASD to continue to reimage the school experience with innovative and transformative technologies. The grant funds will be used to purchase additional interactive Promethean Boards and mobile stands. While the District currently has 238 interactive boards, the goal is to ensure ALL teachers have boards or access to boards.

When integrated into classrooms, Promethean Boards transform computers into interactive chalkboards that bring presentations and curricula to life. Whether students are learning in class or learning from home, they can connect and interact with a teacher’s Promethean Board through their devices. With Promethean Boards, students become active participants in the instructional process and its adaptability engages diverse learning styles and addresses multiple intelligences.

While some Promethean Boards will be installed in specific locations in classrooms, others will be mounted on mobile stands to allow teachers to transform any room into an interactive learning space. These interactive boards will be installed and utilized throughout the district’s 4 Elementary Schools, Middle School and High School and will be used to enhance and elevate the following K-12 Curricula:

Visual and Performing Arts

Physical Education, Health, and Wellness

Multimedia and Journalism

Economics and Entrepreneurship

21st Century Learning Applications

Cultural Explorations

Leadership and Career Awareness

Industrial Arts and Agriculture

The District is eager to utilize these interactive tools to empower their 3,434 students by giving them meaningful and relevant ways to engage and participate in their own learning.